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To tell you, my body aches from being in places that throw me away. And having to exhume selves to perform smiles. The only travelling I find I can put words to is this one. The only travelling I have done today sitting down with my mind. And a fear swallowed me and threw me up like a thing unwanted – not salted enough. too spicy. too much to be gulped down. And I have thought of writing you a happy poem. So you know I don’t carry demons. all seasons. I failed.



How has your week been? How was your weekend? Mine was largely enjoyable.
This is the 6th in the #makewego poetry collection.
Do check out the entire collection so far.
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We’re also getting far in our novel, #whenlovestays. Find and read all the chapters so far here.

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I write poetry and fiction. I also write non-fiction that shares my life, how I'm living it and how I perceive the world around me. I'm hugely influenced by my faith and Ghanaianism. I don't own a library yet and Christian rap music currently owns my music apps.

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